Time and Time Again!

Well hello there. My last post was in April and I was still have issues with my laptop util today. That is why it is 5 months later and I am doing another multi month post.  I hate doing it this way but when your laptop is dial up slow and your Policeman/IT guy is busy, you hold off and do what you can.  So lets see, the beginning of May was the Family of the Fallen motorcycle agility competition.  This is the second one that they have had and I volunteer every chance I get.   It is a great way for me to to support the Mobile Police Department and to help raise money for the families of officers who have fallen in the line of duty.This is a photo that I took of the opening ceremony.

The respect and admiration for this cause is amazing.  I am so proud to be a part of it .                                               Mothers day brought cookie of course.  I made them for both my Mom and my MIL.

They were a big hit and so fun to make.

June was awesome!  I ran the For the Mud of it obstacle race that is put on by the Mobile SWAT team.  This was my second year doing it and it did not disappoint.

Being able to spend time with some great women made it even better.

My Faithful workout partner, Kim, woke up extra early a few Saturdays to walk the Tallulah Bankhead Tunnel with me.

They shut it down every 2 weeks  and allow walkers, bikers and runners to use it.  It is only open from 6 am to 8 am.

I accepted a new job this month also.  It is at one of the Local hospitals.  I work for a Cancer Care Center.  It is challenging mentally and emotionally.   I hope to make an difference in the Patients lives because they have made a huge impact on mine.

My Neice’s 19th birthday was also in June.  She is a huge fan of the TV show Friends,  so I made her cookies.

They turned out great.

Stephen and I finally got around to re building the gate for our back yard.  It is always fun to sit back and look at the finished product.

In August I met up with a coworker from my last job.  We met downtown and had brunch.

It was so much fun catching up.  We said we were going to meet at least once a month.  I miss you LaTanya, We need to plan our next adventure.

My Mom’s birthday was in August and we met up for a girls dinner.  My dad was not feeling well so he stayed home.

  We Met at a fun little Italian restaurant in Fairhope, AL  called Gambino’s.  It was fun and again getting together needs to be something we do more often.

On Labor Day I worked my tail off around the house.  Laundry, baking, cooking, I finally painted my from door! Before…

                                 It was red and now it is an awesome purple.  I got a new door knocker and I love it!                             After!

It is now September 28th and it was 100 degrees outside today.  I don’t care. Fall weather is just around the corner (I hope) and I am going to live it up for the next few months.

I mean you know Fall is the best time of the year!

Oh Happy Mabon!

Until Then,


5 months in review!

So here I am after months of silence. It never ceases to amaze me how time gets away from us as adults. 6 holidays have  already come and gone. I am going to briefly highlight what I have been up to.   December brought a work party

A beautiful Yule Ritual hosted by my friend  Lilian

A ton of cookies that I made for gifts!

and of course Christmas Eve at my families house with our traditional Seafood Dinner!

Stephen’s grandmother passed away in January and Mobile Police Officer, Shawn Tudor, was killed in the line of duty. I never dreamed that I would have to got to another fallen hero’s funeral.  Especially so soon.  It is heartbreaking. But the outpouring of community support for his wife is unbelievable. It makes me proud of the city and community that I live in.

February was a bit low key.  I started selling my cookies so Valentines Day was great.

Also Mardi Gras started which meant I did not see much of my Husband.  All Police Officers work any and all Parades that are scheduled. Also, more cookie.

These were for a 50th birthday surprise!

And these cuties were a fun baby shower I was asked to do.

March  brought St Patrick’s Day and my BFF was in town for a few days so we went to a local Irish Pub that is known for its St. Patrick’s Day celebrations,  Callaghan’s Irish Social Club.

They take a ton of pics of the crowd.  Look close and you can see us  in front of the orange stripe on the flag a bit in the center of the  group. I am waving at the camera!

I had a chance to make some wedding cookies for a couple from Germany.  We met them in October and they decided to get married here in the US in Florida  on the beach.  They were so sweet so I wanted to do something nice for them.

The wonderful group of women that I work out with decided to do the Tunnel to Towers 5k.  This run raises money for all of the families of the  fallen First Responders from 911. We each got a badge to wear that had a picture, the profession, their location and a brief description of one of the fallen.  It felt amazing to be a part of this event.

On a sad note, the gym where we were working out decided to cut our fitness program so we all had to find a new alternative.  5 of us joined Pro Health which is affiliated with our local Infirmary Hospital.  The classes are brutal! We have tried boot camp, spinning, Aqua fit, yoga, and a core class.  We have only been at it for 3 weeks so I hope we find out routine and stick with it.   This photo was on our last day of classes.  We went straight to brunch and had Mimosas.

I have been blessed with these wonderful women in my life and I am determined to keep them there!

More cookie orders happened at Easter!

These were a request from my Yoga instructor.

I also attended a Goat Yoga class!  It was Awesome!

So one of the last things I will post tonight is something I wanted to save for last.  We adopted another puppy!  This little boy had a sad start to life.  He was thrown out of a vehicle on a busy road and left for dead.  He was only about 5 to 7 weeks old.  When I saw his before picture on line, I told my husband that I needed him.  Even though we had agreed to never have a white haired dog again, and that we would wait until one of our current Fur Babies left us for the rainbow bridge. ( this would be years from now). And we had no idea if he would have any long term issues to his accident.  But he told me to at least fill out the adoption application.

We thought he had surely been adopted by this time.

Well 2 days after I applied, I got a email asking if we wanted him and if we could pick him up that day! I left work early and scooped him up.  He was barely 8LBS when we got him.  That was April 5.  Today he weighs 18LbS and is the cutest little nugget ever.  Meet Abel Tiarnan Scroggins!

 This was the day we got him.

 This is him today! He as filled out sou much and just developed the most mischievous personality!


I know this was a long post, but I had 5 months to get in.  I hope to be better with my time management from here on out!

Until Then,


Late Halloween Post

Yes I know that November is almost over and here I am posting on Halloween Fun.  But I don’t care. It is my blog and I can do as I wish.  I was once again invited to one of the Ladies in our Pagan Group’s house for Samhain Ritual.  I always enjoy this evening so much.  The veil is thin this time of the season and you can feel when your loved ones are visiting from the nether realm.  It really is magical.

This is our wonderful Host, Lillian.  She opens her home to us often for gatherings and it is always a great time.  She and her husband go crazy with the decorations and they some times have over 500 kids come to get candy.  How insane is that?  Here are some of the front yard decorations.

A group of witches dancing around the cauldron.

The inside was all decorated too!

And the Ritual circle was lit up and beautiful.

The evening was perfect, the fellowship was great and the magic was amazing.  Thanks for another great holiday.

Until Then,


Thanksgiving 2018

Well hello November! I can not believe how fast things move when you are an adult.  I mean I don’t feel as though I have enough time to get things done. I do tons of stuff but still feel like I am behind with life. Well this morning Stephen and I met up with the Ladies of the work out group I am in, and we Ran the Turkey Trot 5K in Downtown Mobile, AL. This run benefits

Camp Rap A-Hope.   This organization helps give children who have cancer or have had cancer and their families.

This is the first time my husband has joined us and I was so excited to have him participate.

  It was a bit chilly when we arrived but I warmed up real fast.

Stephen is a runner so he left me in the dust but I powered through.  I lost the group at some point but continued alone.  Towards the end I caught up with Liz and we finished together.  It was so much fun.

We did it!

I came home mixed up 2 pumpkin pies, and 2 corn casseroles, got them in the oven and relaxed a bit before we headed over to my Sisters house to eat with the family.

My pies got a bit dark but Stephen said they tasted delicious. I have an electric stove… I hate it!  I am used to cooking with gas but when we bought this house this is what was there.

Maybe one day we can get a new one!

We ate too much, per usual, but we were happy!

Until Then,


More Fall Fun

So I really hate being behind on posts but that seems to be the theme of my life these days.  One day I will get my act together.  Well once again the last weekend of October was busy.  I Did the annual Breast Cancer walk on the 27th and the Witches Ride on the 28th!  A group of girls from our Kick Fit class did both events.

I am sure you are aware of what the Breast cancer walk is… It is a fund raising Walk that raises awareness for breast cancer while honoring those who lost their battle with this horrible disease but also to lift up those who have kicked the disease in the ASS!

It is always a great turn out and people dress up and just have a great time.

  This is a 5K walk around our beautiful downtown area.

So the Witches Ride is another fundraiser that benefits a local organization Delta Dogs, which provides help to the pets of people in need.  Everyone dresses up, decorates their bicycles and we ride through downtown throwing candy to the adults and children on the route!

This is the Logo for the Event.  It was hung from a huge tree over the street.  I would love to have this!

There is a big block party afterwards with food, drink , music and dancing.  We had a blast and again the group of women that I hung out with were just amazing!

Well I am almost done with the month of October.  Only Samhain (Halloween) left to post about then I can get on November!

Until Then


October Fun!

Well October came and went in a hurry.

I had so many fun things going on that I just held onto them until now.  It all started with the Trick or Trot 5K.  Myself and a few Ladies from the Fitness group

I  am in met and tackled it together..

This race was located on the campus Of the University of South Alabama.  I had no idea how many hills they had.  It was a Lot.

My legs were so sore the next morning I could hardly move.  But I know it was good exercise and I completed another obstacle that I never thought I could accomplish.

On Saturday morning I volunteered for a Family of the Fallen fund raiser.  They put together a Motorcycle agility competition.  This was open to all Law Enforcement and civilians who were interested.  I was amazed at the talent these competitors had.

There was one 17 year old kid who had only been riding for 6 months.  These bikes are huge. My husband said that they weigh around 850 LBS.

There were some awesome women competitors also.  They did an amazing job.

I met some new friends and ran in to some old ones.

Later in the afternoon I went to a birthday party at one of the trampoline places.  It was so much fun, but I definitely felt it the next morning.

I left the party and went to our friends house for their Block Party.  The entire block was there.  They had food, drinks, costumes, music.

It was a big Halloween party.  I was so tired from the full day that I had, I did not take any photos.. oops.

On a baking note:

I am trying my hand at designer sugar cookies.  I figure, I love to bake so why not make money at it too.  I have been practicing and sending them to work with my husband.

He say that Precinct 2 loves them! So I will continue practicing and soon hope to get a few paying jobs out of it.  My first try I did cauldrons. I mean it was October after all.

My second try was Ghosts… once again, Halloween Season!

I am getting better with every batch!

I have more from October fun but that will come tomorrow!

Until Then,



I am absolutely giddy!  It is finally FALL!  I mean I know that it is still in the high 80s mid 90s but it is OCTOBER. This time of year just makes my heart smile.  I love the colors, smells, tastes, sounds and the look of this season.  It is so warming.  I am ready for some crisp chilly evenings around the fire pit with a glass of wine and s’mores.

I started my October with a fun movie. I guess it is just a cartoon not a full movie. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it then you need to get on it.  Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod an Mr. Toad.

Image result for disney the adventure of ichabod and mr toad

I like the first tale of Mr. Toad just fine but it is Ichabod Crane’s story that gets me in the Halloween spirit.  It is the tale of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” with songs that are sung by Bing Crosby and many other delightful artists.  Netflix offers this as a CD that can be delivered to your house.  I recommend that you give it a try.

I made a wonderful white chicken chili last night and you know it is always better the next day. So we will have that for dinner and I am baking some easy Pumpkin muffins as we speak.  This is the most simple recipe EVER!!

If I have the box of spice cake it is delicious too.  But this is what was in the pantry so this got used.  I also added 2 tbsp of pumpkin pie spice.


Put it all in a bowl and mix well.  Spray your favorite muffin cups and scoop batter in.  I use my large scoop from Pampered Chef. It makes all of the muffins a uniform size.

Large Scoop

You can order this from your local  Pampered Chef consultant or even from Amazon.

Bake your muffins in a pre heated oven at 325 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Let cool slightly and serve warm.

I like to make a cream cheese frosting for these but I did not have any cream cheese… They are still delicious.

OK so I will leave yo for this evening but I will be back soon with more seasonal goodies.

Until Then,


So Much going on!

Well again I say greetings!  I just realized that it has been 2 months since my last post… Boooo!  I get so sidetract and time just slips away.

I will say that a LOT has happened since my last post.  I made a very hard decision to leave a job and company that I loved.  It made me sad but there were things that needed to be changed that never will change so I had to make a choice.  I took a position that I really thought was going to be great only to realize that it is not the right fit for me at all. I have only been at the new office for 2 months and actively looking for a new job for a month of that.  My last day is August 30 so I hope this one particular Office calls me in the next week!

As for other big news. . .  Stephen was made a Detective!  I am so proud of him.  He has done such an amazing job as a Police officer and it has paid off.


I got a new Jeep.  Had to trade in my old jeep (Maeve)  due to some computer issues and I picked out (Siobhan). She is all shiny and new. I love her.

Last but not least for this packed post, I finished my second 5k race.  The fitness group that I am a part of is so great.  We have an amazing group of instructors who genuinely care about our health and well being and the group itself is full of Amazing women who want to be healthy and who support each other through it all.  Thank you Team Hopkins Kick Fit Ladies for being so AWESOME!!

Hopefully I will not be as long with my next post.  I mean Fall is right around the corner!

Until Then,


Just for the Mud of it!


Today I did something that I never thought I could do.  As yo all know, I joined a fitness group back in January.  Well this amazing group of women came together and decided to sign up for a 5K  SWAT Team Mud Run.



This run is put on by our Local Police Department Swat Team in Mobile, Alabama.  The money raised benefits the SWAT team as well as other local Law Enforcement Departments.   I have never run anything in my life!  There were 34 obstacles that you had to go over, through or under and there was a TON of mud pits.


“Me heading over one of the walls”

People lost shoes, socks and lord knows what else.  I have never challenged myself as much as I did today.  There were 12 of us and we all worked together and cheered each other on through the hardest parts.  I am so proud of myself for this accomplishment but I am even more proud to say that I represented my Husband, Officer J. Scroggins who was on duty today and could not participate.  Thank you to the Team Hopkins Kick Fit Ladies for pushing me to be better!



Now I am headed home to rest and get some food! It has been a long day.


Until Then,


Demolition Party

Hello and a big how are ya!

So Stephen and I have talked about knocking down our old garage and building a new one for over a year. The one we have is old, not built very well and as we have recently found out, INFESTED WITH TERMITES!!  I mean it is so bad that when Stephen went to get something out of the garage the other day one of the shelves had fallen off the wall because the boards were hollow from the nasty little critters.  They really are disgusting.

Anyway, On Saturday we cleaned out all of the big things that we needed to re home  before the deconstruction began.  Later that afternoon Stephen called his Dad over and explained the plans of taking the garage apart in a systematic order.


  We all agreed and went to cutting a section of roof so we could pull down small areas one at a time.  Stephen got the ropes and jeep and tied everything off then began the slowly pull.  Fast forward 5 seconds and the entire 2.5 car garage was collapsing in on itself.


Not really what we had planned but the damn thing is down! Now we have to take it all apart and haul it off so we can build the new improved smaller garage!


Until Then,