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This is a flyer about the Mad Tea Party held annually by the most fantastical artist!

She is so talented and has an amazing imagination! Please visit her blog!

Mad Tea Party flyer 2010


Mad Tea Party preparations have begun !!

June 26th 2010

Hosted by

Vanessa Valencia creator of  ” A Fanciful Twist”

Prepare yourself for a whimsical trip to the land of mayhem and madness.

Virtually meet and greet new friends while sipping tea and frolicking in the garden.

Join the party, wont you?

You would be crazy to miss it!


Until Then,







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Well It’s monday! Thank goodness it is over. I know that I was supposed to post on the painting that I started like a month ago. Well I got side tracked. Sorry! That is the story of my life.  But I did work on it last night. I am not sure what it needs. I think it is missing something. But instead of finishing it. I put it to the side and started a new one. I am all over the place.

Before I show you the painting I have to tell you this little story.

 I was outside yesterday burying Mr. Pumpkin and my 3 dogs were watching me. So when I finished we all went around the house to come in. So when we got up the back steps I noticed that Lucy was holding her back leg up and not putting any weight on it. She did not yelp or anything and I felt around and there was no splinter in her paw. I think she get stung by something because it was a bit swollen. So she came inside and laid down in the living room.

So I gave her a Benadryl to help her feel better!



Ok So here is the first painting “before” picture.

And her is after I added some detail.


I still think it needs something.

Any suggestions would be nice. Seeing how I have no idea what I am doing!!!


The next one is just a bunch of flowers.

I am not done with it either. I got tired and had to go to bed.


Ok and for the grand finale!




This is Lucy after the Benadryl kicked in!

She is sooo feeling better now!


Well I am about to go and try a new craft that I found. I will be here tomorrow to show you the good or bad of it !

Until then,


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Morning!  I remember saying that buttermilk biscuits were going to be made this morning, so let’s get to work shall we?


2 tbsp. lard
2 c. self-rising flour
1 c. buttermilk

 I have added a personal touch with these last 3 ingredients!

Pinch of salt

A dash of pepper


A little shredded cheese

   In mixing bowl, cut lard into flour until mixture resembles coarse crumbs,

 Make a well in the center,

 Add buttermilk all at once, stir quickly until dough follows fork around bowl.

 Pinch off pieces of dough slightly larger than a golf ball. Form each piece into a smooth ball.

 I do not roll my biscuits. I scoop them with a spoon and drop them on the baking sheet.

They turn out much prettier!

   Place on greased baking sheet. Press to flatten tops.

 Bake at 450 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.

 Makes about 15 biscuits


 Oh My Goodness!  These are so delicious!!!!!

So lets see. We made butter and we got the buttermilk from that and we use it to bake homemade biscuits! Not to bad huh? 

My morning is complete now. Look out day here I come!

Painting, cleaning, planting and Homemade Lemonade!

It is gonna be a good one!

Until then,


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Hello all.  I hope that you  are well.  Today was a yucky day! It stormed all day and I had no motivation to do anything, except make some butter.  I found an article that explained how to make butter in about 20 minutes. This is fast, easy and I thought it was fun. 

Ok let’s get started. 

1 pint of heavy whipping cream.

1 empty jar with lid.

Pour the cream into the jar.

Put lid on jar.

Start shaking.

At first it will be easy and sound like liquid.

After a few minutes you will feel the cream start to thicken.


 It will get a little harder to shake.

When you hear the cream make a thud sound you are almost done.

(It took me about 20 minutes)

The butter will separate from the liquid which is butter milk.

You will need to strain the butter milk  and put it in the fridge.

You can use it for baking later.

Rinse the butter with cold water until it is clear.

I added a pinch of Kosher salt to mine.

You could also put garlic and herbs in it to spice it up!

 Place the butter in a small container and chill.


One pint of cream makes 1 cup of butter and 1 cup of butter milk.

You can use a stand mixer to make this.

You will use the wisk attachment and you will need to cover the mixer

so you do not sling cream everywhere.

It cuts down on time but you don’t get the workout!

This would be a great gift. You could make the rustic bread recipe and

put a little basket together.


See I told you it was fast and fun.  If you make this often you will have really toned arms. Mine were so tired when I got done. It is a great work out.

So with the left over buttermilk, I think I will make biscuits. That sounds good! 

I have plans to paint a little tomorrow. I started a painting about a month ago and have not finished.  It is my first attempt at painting so I will show you what I have and what I finish with. 

Wish me LUCK!

Until Then,




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How’s it going?  Great here. Tomorrow is friday and I have fun stuff planned.  Very exciting!

I do have some bad news!!!

My pumpkin has a soft spot. Yes it’s true.  Mr. Pumpkin is slowly dieing. I am so sad but he has lasted for 6 months. I feel like that is an amazing run for a wee little pumpkin.  I will bury him in the back yard this weekend and maybe we will have new little pumpkins for the Fall. Wouldn’t that be fun? 

I will leave you with my photo of the day and say meet me back here tomorrow for some fun projects!

Smile often and Laugh at yourself!

 Have a great Friday!

Until Then,


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So yesterday I worked in the yard while Stephen did some wiring in the house.  It was to nice for me to be cooped up inside again.  So out came the lawn mower, weed eater, broom and Lawn bags. Not to mention SUN SCREEN!  I am having trouble with my weed eater (electric) so I had to get my Dad’s (gas) weed eater out.  It is so much heavier than mine. My back is sore this morning from holding it. There is no strap for it.  Anyway. My yard is looking pretty good for the first real yard work  day.  I need some new plants for my pots. My ferns died this winter. I have had them since 2002 but I guess it was time for them to go! 

  This morning I decided on Blue Berry Muffins! I wanted something a little sweet but some what healthy.  So let’s get started.

2/3 Cup of sugar

1/2 tsp salt

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1 large egg

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1 1/4 cups milk

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup fresh or frozen berries. ( I use canned it is much easier)

Pre heat oven to 400

Sift Sugar, salt, flour & baking powder in large bowl

In separate bowl mix wet ingredients and berries

Make a well in dry ingredients and pour wet in

Mix with a fork until smooth


Spray your muffin tins with cooking spray and fill 3/4 full

Bake for 18-20 minutes until golden brown

Cool and ENJOY!


I hope that you enjoy your muffins.

I am off to do more yard work and then head to the Garage for CRAWFISH!

Have a blessed afternoon.

Until Then,


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Hello all. 

 Well I said a few weeks back that we were going to make some semi home-made sugar cookie with royal icing. They taste like the ones you get from Wal-Mart or Sam’s!!! Yum.  I have to be honest. . . after going to the store and doing some cleaning and making dinner I am gonna have to skip the royal icing.  I promise to make something else that uses the recipe though.  I will give you the recipe for it and you can try it out if you like.   Ok from the beginning.

1 box of Pillsbury White cake mix

1/3 cup of oil

2 eggs

Pre heat oven to 350

 Mix all ingredients together

Roll out dough to 1/4 inch tick. 

I roll it out between 2 sheets of wax paper for easy clean up.

Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.

I don’t always roll mine out. I just pinch off a small bit & 

roll them in my hands.

 Place on cookie sheet.

I put parchment paper down for easy clean up.

Use a juice glass to press the dough into a round cookie shape.

Bake for 8 – 12 minutes.

The weather has a lot to do with your baking time.

I look at them often and as soon as I

see them turning a golden color I take them out.

Let cool.

Royal Icing Recipe

1 Box powdered sugar

5 tbsp meringue powder

1/2 cup of water

Add powdered sugar and meringue  in mixer.

Slowly add water while mixing.

If you want to color the icing add food paste. It works best.

The icing will be runny.

I use Wilton plastic decorating bottles to ice the cookies. 

Make an outline of the cookies with the icing, then fill it in.

The icing sets pretty quick.

This makes beautiful cookies!



Ok so I cheated and used white icing out of a can! I was really tired! They still taste delicious!!


This is how we get geared up for a long Hump Day in the South!!

Nothing like a caffeine and sugar rush to push you over the hump.


I need ideas for our next baking adventure! Any suggestions?????????????????????

Until Then,




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