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Take a look at this. . .     Mrs. Vanessa Valencia  has announced the  date of the most fantastical Tea Party ever!

Take a look and see for yourself. I promise that you will be enchanted the moment you see her blog!

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Hello from the land of the Lost!

I hate it when I let my work life get in the way of my fun!  I have been going in so many directions that I didn’t know if I was coming or going.  But I have taken a little step to the side and I am going to let the fun drive for a while.

I have to say that work is going well for me.  The money is still there and I was asked to go to Gulf Shores, AL to train the new staff at the new  Tacky Jacks! I was surprised.  Two other wonderful friends of mine went as well. We had a blast and met some great people.  I just hope that they  keep us in mind when they open the next location in Florida!!!    Road Trip!
I have a lot of other fun things to look forward to in the next month.  My 20th High School Reunion is the weekend of June 18. I will also be headed to New Orleans, LA for a long weekend June 24.  And a little birdie whispered to me that the date of the most famous Mad Tea Party is soon to be announced. This will also take place in June! My cup run-eth over!  Keep checking back as I will reveal the date as soon as I can.

Ok, so enough about that, I have been a slacker for some time so I wanted to do an easy, fun, delicious dessert that will be awesome for any get together.  With summer on our heals, we all have  lots of planning to do for back yard fun. This recipe will be a favorite!

Mini Cheese Cake Bites

2 pkg. (8 oz. each)  Cream Cheese, softened

1/2 cup  sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla

2   eggs

12 OREO Cookies/ Vanilla Wafers ( mini if you want)

12 cup cake wraps or 24 mini wraps

1   kiwi

1/2 cup blueberries

1/3 cup  raspberries

Any Toppers you want!!

HEAT oven to 350°F.

Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla in large bowl with mixer until well blended.

Add eggs, one at a time, beating on low speed after each just until blended.

Place 1 cookie on bottom of each of 12 paper-lined muffin cups & cover with cream cheese mixture.

BAKE 20 min. or until centers are almost set.

Let cool.

Refrigerate 3 hours.

  Prepare the fruit or what ever toppers you have and place on each cheesecake.

Top with berries if you like.

You know the rest. . . .


It does not get much easier or more delicious than that. I am going to go out and relax in the swing with a cold beverage and some cheese cake bites!

Until Then,


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Well this will be short, sweet and delicious. I decided to make sangria for my post on this beautiful Cinco De Mayo.  It was so simple and oh my goodness. . .delicious.

I of course have to head to work in a few hours but that did not stop me from putting this wonderful wine concoction together last night and letting it sit to perfection.  I looked at many recipes online and kind of made my recipe up.

You can do the same or take it from me that this one is yummy!!!!

Sangria (red) & White

1 bottle red wine (Cab Sauv)

1 bottle white wine (I used Pinot Grigio)

1 bottle lemon lime soda.

1/2 cup grape juice.

2 pitchers (I used my small ones)

Fruit of your choice.

I used the following:

Fresh strawberries, blueberries, red grapes, green grapes & oranges.

I also sued a can of pineapple pieces. Keep juice.

Cut your fruit into bite sized pieces.

Place them into the pitchers.

Add red wine to one pitcher, white to another.

Here I added some of the pineapple juice to the white wine for flavor.

And added the grape juice to the red.

Now add the soda to fill the pitcher.

With a wooden spoon stir the contents.

Cover the pitchers with plastic wrap and place in the fridge.

Let sit for at least 3 – 4 hours.

Take out and enjoy!!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo  to you !

Have a great day and drink one for me, por favor!

Until Then,


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