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Hello there,
I just wanted to tease you with some really great crafts that I will be working on and sharing with you for the fall season. Think about it folks. . . Fall is JUST around the corner. Honestly!!
My table is full of the many magical things to come!

Keep checking back for all the good stuff!!

Until Then,


I told you that my Birthday Post got deleted so here is a very brief overview.

Birthday Breakfast !!

These are the most perfect and easy cup cakes ever!

Birthday Hair Cut! Thanks Dana!!!

Snail Mail Birthday cards from My Parents and My Niece, Meri Claire!

Birthday Sushi Dinner with My Love!!

Happy Late Birthday to Me on July 19th!!!


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I just wanted to say sorry about the posting issues I am having. I had a great post for my Birthday July 19th, but when I went to publish it. . . all of my contents was deleted! Except the title.
I am looking into the issue and hope to have it resolved soon because fall is on the way and I am working on lots of fun projects that I can not wait to share with you.

Until Then,

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