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Wow what a year, Right?

The end of 2011 left me out of sorts and a little on the blue side. But the thought of 2012 and a new start really hit home for the first time. I gave up my favorite away from home food. . . (hot wings) started working out with a friend from work and as you see I am now back here in blog world with all of my internet friends.  It really feels good.  I realized that it is the basic little things in life that make my world go round and I am not willing to compromise them any longer. We all need little things that make us smile & laugh  to help us through each and every day. So watch out 2012, I am ready to blog till I can’t blog no more!! Ha Ha.

My Husband gave me a little challenge for my new year in blogging. He said “why don’t you cook healthy meals and add much more crafting to your blog?) I will take your challenge Stephen and I will win!! So look forward to delicious and healthy meal ideas, fun new crafting ideas and photos of it all!

Again I am glad to be back and ready to own 2012!

Until Then,



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