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Happy Hump Day to you!!!

I hope that you have had a good first half of the week.  Mine has been, once again, busy!.  I am going on a little mini vacation with my Sister and Niece next Friday so I have tried to get everything I need, ahead of time. We are renting a house down in Orange Beach, Alabama!  I have not been to the beach in about 7 years. This is so sad because I only live 45 minutes from there.  I really need to make time for the fun things in life. With the big 40 lurking in the shadows, I feel this is a very important part of being happy.

So keep posted because I will make sure to share some photos from my vacation.

Now on to the crafting.  I guess you could call this a craft but it is also an up cycle project of sorts.  My bathroom is small and I have no cabinets, counter top or drawers. I have a pedestal sink a shower and a toilet. That is all.

So I have a ton of make up bags stuffed to the hilt with all of my make up stuff.  I decided to change that.  I figured I could up cycle an old picture frame, some spray paint, and magnets I had lying around.

Here is what you need

DIY Make-Up Station

One old picture frame.

Spray paint.

Silicon glue, or strong adhesive of choice.


1 metal pencil organizer.

1 piece of sheet metal cut to size of inside of frame. ( I got mine from lowes)

  Take the glass out of the frame.

Spray paint the frame the color of choice. Let dry completely.

Place the metal in the frame and use your adhesive to secure it in place. I put one coat and let dry.

Put a second coat on and make the corners wide for better security. Let dry completely.

While this is drying you can use the same adhesive and glue your magnets to the back of your make up compacts.

I have much more that I am waiting to dry so I can place them on the station.

A last-minute idea  was to attach 2 eye hooks at the top of the frame for hanging purposes.

When everything is dry and ready you can hang it on you wall in the bathroom.

I guess if you have enough space you could just place it on your counter and lean it against the wall.

This way you would not put holes in your walls.

Also when you run out of your make up and need to replace it you can just pull the magnet off of the back and glue it to the new one!


See how freaking cute this is!

  I think this would be a great project for a kitchen and your spices!  Oh I see another project in my future. How about you???

Alright, I am off to take dinner out of the oven then it is sewing time.  I have a cute little project that I am working on.

Pics to come!!

Until Then,



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Oh my goodness, how have you been?

Busy as a bee here in my world.  Projects, photo shoots, work, new family members. I tell you my cup runneth over!!

My parents came for a visit and we had a nice dinner outside and with a bon fire.  My In Laws were able to join us! It was so nice.

I have planted all kinds of fun stuff and have been watching it sprout!

And lastly I have thought of fun projects that can be gifted as well.  I came up with an Oh So Cute and easy one.

Home Made Lip Gloss!

The most simple idea ever and it has so many possibilities. I will give you the easiest version.

Are you ready?


Petroleum jelly and cool aide.

That’s it. Really!

You can use any flavor of drink mix.

My favorite was raspberry lemonade!

All you have to do is slowly melt your jelly in the microwave until it is a warm liquid.

Fill what ever containers you want and add small amounts of cool aide and stir.

I used tooth picks to stir then up.

  If you are doing a large batch of the same flavor you can add the mix to the jelly then put it in your tins, jars, pots . . .

NOTE : if your jelly is too hot it will burn the mix!!!!

I bought my lip gloss pots from amazon. But I also used old mint tins that I kept and cleaned.

I thought they made cute gifts.

So what do you think? If you have teachers that need gifts, little girl’s party treats, birthday. . .  the list goes on.  I also added some of my old lip stick to the jelly to make a tinted gloss for big girl gifts! They were a huge hit!!!

I hope my next visit will not be delayed as long as this one.  I am trying to make a valiant effort to be here at least once a week. Hold me to it!!!

Until Then,



This is Eloise our newest addition. Another Rescue! Isn’t she pretty?  So sweet and a big snuggle buddy!!

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