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In the words of a Good Southern Woman ” Lord have mercy on my soul and body.  I’m turning 40 in 3 days! Bless my heart.”

It amazes me how time has flown.  How my youth just slipped past me in the blink of an eye. I remember as a child thinking I can not wait til I turn 13 so I was a teenager, then 16 so I could drive, 18 and I graduated and 21 I could drink. Then At 25 I started to dread turning 30 because it was so old, 35 was down hill from there but I find myself sitting on 39 for the next few days and I am actually pretty ok with turning the big 40. I have found myself making some big decisions this past week. I quit my job on Saturday and feel really good about it. I am taking a week or 2 off to figure stuff out and then the job search really begins.  I want to make sure that what ever I decide to do is fun, and that I enjoy it.  I know most people want a job they like and hardly find it, but I have hope and faith that I will.

I was blessed this month to have my Sister and niece and 2 great friends of mine come to town and spend some time with me. It is the little things like an afternoon at the beach, a day by the pool, dinner and drinks, along with amazing conversation that makes life awesome, wouldn’t you say?  So I will share some of my fun with you now. Enjoy!


Tropical Storm moving through

Chill’in at the beach

Love is not Perfect

Onie and MC

Niece and her friend

Shan, my bestie

Past work Mates. .  Forever Friends

Us girls


H-town ( my other bestie) cool-in  off

I could not have asked for a better month. And there is still a bit left to enjoy. Let’s live it up. See ya in a few!

Until Then,



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