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Oh you have no idea how happy I am to be writing this post. I tell you I am a blessed person. I have mentioned the past few posts that I have been behind, late, nonexistent compared to last year. Well I can tell you that I am making it a point of importance to be here more often in the new year. So let me explain the dramatics. . . On December 25, 2012 my Husband and I woke up and had a wonderful morning of coffee, presents and loving kisses from our dogs. We spent the day with his family, eating and exchanging gifts. Really enjoying the love and closeness of the holiday. Well we knew the weather was going to turn into thunderstorms late evening so we made our way home to let the dogs out and settle in from a long day of celebrating.  The weather had started turning bad with heavy rain and winds. I guess we had been home about 20 minutes and just let the dogs in when things turned bad quick. I was in the hallway looking for something in the closet and Stephen was upstairs changing clothes when it all came together. The sirens sounded and the most sinister sound came screaming through our neighborhood. A Category F2 Tornado was ripping through with a vengeance.  I have never been so frightened in all of my life. Stephen came running down the stairs while I wrangled the 5 dogs to safety in  the hallway. And just like that it was over.

I live in the Historical part of Mobile, Alabama called Midtown. You walk out of my front door and you are on the campus of the oldest Historical High School, still in operation, S.S. Murphy High School. (Also my Alma mater)  It took an almost direct hit. Being 5 o’clock in the evening we could not see much. All power was out as far as the eye could see. People were scurrying everywhere looking for neighbors and trying to check damage to personal property. We were spared by ruffly 200 feet. That is how close this tornado came to taking everything.

Complete TERROR!

In the aftermath of this horrible disaster the students of Murphy High School (2,300 to be exact) have to relocated to another school and the seniors will not get to take part in the long time traditions of parading around the Horseshoe, Pep Rally in the auditorium, or Senior breakfast.

It really makes my heart heavy to see my beautiful school in shambles. I am going to do all that I can to help raise money to get Murphy High School back to its Historical Glory. If you would like to help you can click on this link  http://www.murphyalumni.org/

There is a place to give if you feel the urge.

The link below is a news paper article about the damage.








No matter what the damage Panther Spirit Lives on.

We will Re Build!

I find myself re evaluating the important things in my life these days. I also vow to keep in touch with my blog more often!

Until Then,

Happy New Year!



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