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Good morning from the Alabama Gulf Coast. It is a beautiful morning for a Tea Party!

We have had so much rain the past 2 weeks I thought about trading my jeep in for a kayak! But in the festive fun-ness of a warm blue sky day let’s have a tea party and play play, play!yardThe yard is all ready and cleaned up for visitors!

hydrangeaThe fresh-cut flowers are beautiful and are a nice touch to the entry way of the house.

lemonadeHave a cold glass of lemonade, as our days here in the south get very hot.

popcornI have fresh popcorn popping so grab a snack if you wish.

whoopieWhoopie Pies are delicious.

cheesecake bitesGrab a cheesecake bite while we make our way to the back yard.

spice cakeSpice cake awaits us and makes me yearn for the fall season.

Do you love Fall as much as me?

fruitI cut fresh watermelon and strawberries if you prefer!

choc chip muffinFresh out of the oven chocolate chip muffins! Yum.

Now lets head to the back and relax and enjoy the weather while we can!

fernNew fern growth is so interesting to see. The cute little sprouts are all

curled up and pretty.

lightsI hung some nice lanterns for the evening light. Not to bright though,

I want to be able to see all the Lightning Bugs at dusk.

swingNow have a seat and swing til your hearts desire.

cupcakesAs you make your way out to visit other Tea Parties,

Please take a cup cake for the road!

So many parties to see, you might get peckish on your journey!

Thanks so much for visiting my little Mad Tea Party! Come Back soon!

Thank You Ms V from A Fanciful Twist for hosting the best Blog Party Ever! The Madness Continues!

Until Then,



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