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Again I find myself mosey-ing back to this lovely venue to get in touch with my blogging side.  I have found it very hard to keep myself motivated to be here. I wonder why that is???? I have no clue but I have missed so many opportunities of sharing recipes, craft projects and such.  I found myself somewhat yearning to be here today so I am giving it another go.  I will promise to do my best and to stay as on top of things as I possibly can.

I see so many places that people are jumping on the band wagon of the Daily Thankfulness posts. Phooey!  We should be thankful everyday all year-long. Not one month out of a year. Maybe that is where I have faltered.   I have felt a bit down lately. I think I have just forgotten to be thankful for all the wonderful things I have in my life.  Sometimes it takes being smacked in the face with the needs of others before we get the hint.  So as you can guess, I have been smacked.  At my Job, I am faced every day with homeless people walking the streets from morning til dark. It is heart breaking. I see animals roaming the streets looking for food and shelter and a little kindness. I understand that I can not fix everything. But I can help to some degree. And I plan to help as much as possible this holiday season. I have a new  group of Ladies and Gentlemen that I have been lucky enough to meet, who share my thoughts and actions for the holiday helping hand idea. We have spoken about getting a food drive together. Not only for humans but also the fur babies! It is exciting and I am really looking forward to it.

So after all that, I have to say. . .  I am Thankful for being able to help even in the smallest amount. There are some creatures who have nothing!

Go forth this holiday season and do a random act of kindness. You will be glad that you did!

Harvest WitchThis is the first painting I ever attempted! I call her my Thankful Harvest Witch!

Happy Holidays!

Until Then,



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