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Can you believe how fast time flies now that we are older?  I mean I feel like I was just ringing in the new year of 2013 and now Yule is upon us. So many things still left to do before the big day and so little money to conquer this task with.  I tell you, I am so ready for a steady full-time job it isn’t funny.  I’m tired of the uncertain roller coaster of a job that is serving/waiting tables.    I got some help with my résumé and now that I have it in order I am trying to send it out to a new job posting at least once a day.  Something has to come of this in time. Right?  Fingers crossed.

This holiday season is bringing back many memories of the past year. So much to reflect on. Good and bad. But I know how thankful I am to be here typing this to whom ever is reading.  This is our second year in our house and honestly after last years Christmas Day tornado, we are very blessed. We are alive, we have our family, our home,  we both have jobs, (even if they are not ideal) our health is good and most important of all, We have one another. I am very blessed.  Sometimes we just need a reminder.

So, the tree is decorated and the lights all lit. Presents are being wrapped and topped with bows. The warmth of the season brings friends and families closer, if only for a day. Enjoy the small things, as you never know when they might go missing.


Until Then,



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