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I am so happy to be writing  you today.  This past year was such a downer.  So much happened not only to me but to friends and family.  For starters my dog was diagnosed with cancer.  My mom was diagnosed with leukemia and in August my Husband was in a motor cycle accident where he was hit and run over!

Thanks to the powers that be my Mom and Husband are both alive and doing well.

 All things considered, I am feeling blessed. There are many times I want to huddle in a corner and feel sorry for myself because I had a bad day or because I am still looking for a better job but then I think of what my Mom and Husband have gone through in such a short period of time.  I slap myself on the hand and tell myself , “If you want change in your life then be that change.”  So I am doing just that. I am continuing to look for a job and I will strive to be a better wife, sister, daughter and friend.

When in doubt look around and see that there is always someone who has it much worse than you.

So hats off to two of the most important people in my life!

My Mom


And my wonderful Husband

Dinner with my love

I love you both dearly.

Until Then,



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