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Greeting my wonderful people!

 I had the most amazing birthday this year.  Not only did my wonderful husband buy me a canoe, he also booked us a cabin at MT. Cheaha!

It is about a 4 hour drive from my home town of Mobile, AL, which is nothing.

So We packed up the jeep with the bikes, canoe, camping grill, bits and bobbles and headed up North for my first ever Camping Adventure!


 Yep you read that correct. Just turned 43 and this is my First time camping.

 I guess we cheated a bit because we had a cabin. It had a kitchen and AC, but it was a wonderful experience all the same.  If you ever a chance to visit the area please do. It was beautiful.

This is the inside of the cabin. It is small but perfect.

 You can see the entire thing in this one photo.


We took a break from unpacking to get a quick photo.


Then it was time to relax and let the birthday fun begin!


The sunset was beautiful. . .


And the next morning was divine.

Nice and cool while I drank my coffee and waited for Mr. to wake up.


We saw many of these little lizards. They are really curious and hella fast!


Now it is time for a nice ride before we start our day of hiking.


I have quite a few more photos so I will say farewell for the moment. I will post the second set very soon!

Until Then,



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Hello Dear Friends,

I welcome you to my Madly Mellow Tea Party. What is this you ask?  Well let me explain.  I am a part of a wonderful family. It is the Mellow Mushroom Family. The Mellow Mushroom is a pizza restaurant that sprinkles the US.  It is a hand tossed, hippy, trippy, craft beer serving, groovy tune playin kinda joint.  A fellow server friend (Suzy) who happens to be an amazing artist (with Mad Skills) painted the restrooms in a wonderful Alice in Wonderland theme. Which is perfect for this post.   And so the story begins.

Here we have Alice growing too fast.

Eat me! Drink me! Decisions decisions.

unnamed (2)

Turn the key and see what awaits behind the magical door.

 unnamed (1)

I love these fun flowers!

unnamed (5)

And there had to be cool mushrooms.

unnamed (6)

That crazy grin from the Cheshire cat really is perfect.


And who can forget the drunk Door Mouse?

unnamed (4)

Mr. Hare looks very confused but so dapper in his suit.

unnamed (7)

And this guy! He is perfectly painted.

His cloak means Mellow Mushroom = Pie (pizza pie)


Suzy has the neatest business called Paint the Town Mobile.

She does private parties and group events.  It is so much fun and a great way to

get your artistic groove on.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down the rabbit hole. It has been fun.

Now time to finish my pretzels and pizza!!!

unnamed (9)

Until Then,


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Fur Baby Healing!


I come to you with a heavy heart today. My eldest fur baby ( County Clare) was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and went through a massive surgery. It took a while to get the results on the tumor but as we feared it will return.

 It could be a year or it could be a few weeks.But until then we will continue to make her comfortable and happy.

We will be ready to make a better decision on what course of attack we will make on this nasty cancer!

I know that my decision not to have children bothers some but my fur babies are my kids and I will walk through fire for all 4 of them! We hope the best and are relishing every moment we have with her!

Get Well Soon Coutny Clare!

She is named after the first county we stayed in on our first trip to Ireland!

Until Then,



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It is a beautiful day!

IMG_20150621_122037 (2)

My Mr. and I are finally getting to go canoeing!

Oh,  did I forget to mention that he bought me a canoe for my birthday that is coming up in 18 days?????

He completely surprised me with it! We have been talking about getting a canoe or kayaks for a few years now but we never acted on it.

 And just like that out of the blue we are now proud owners of a canoe.

He has been working on a way to store it in the garage so we can just drive the jeep under it and lower it right on top.

IMG_20150613_155136 (1)

It is working out well. I thought of using pool noodles to keep it from scratching the top!

Aren’t I  clever?

Getting ready to head to Mobile Bay.


We are heading down one of the many little water ways that cut through the marsh lands.


I am sure he will be thrilled that I put this on here. Oh well, we had a blast.


I am sure there are going to be many more posts of our new hobby!

Until Then,


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