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Today I did something that I never thought I could do.  As yo all know, I joined a fitness group back in January.  Well this amazing group of women came together and decided to sign up for a 5K  SWAT Team Mud Run.



This run is put on by our Local Police Department Swat Team in Mobile, Alabama.  The money raised benefits the SWAT team as well as other local Law Enforcement Departments.   I have never run anything in my life!  There were 34 obstacles that you had to go over, through or under and there was a TON of mud pits.


“Me heading over one of the walls”

People lost shoes, socks and lord knows what else.  I have never challenged myself as much as I did today.  There were 12 of us and we all worked together and cheered each other on through the hardest parts.  I am so proud of myself for this accomplishment but I am even more proud to say that I represented my Husband, Officer J. Scroggins who was on duty today and could not participate.  Thank you to the Team Hopkins Kick Fit Ladies for pushing me to be better!



Now I am headed home to rest and get some food! It has been a long day.


Until Then,



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Hello and a big how are ya!

So Stephen and I have talked about knocking down our old garage and building a new one for over a year. The one we have is old, not built very well and as we have recently found out, INFESTED WITH TERMITES!!  I mean it is so bad that when Stephen went to get something out of the garage the other day one of the shelves had fallen off the wall because the boards were hollow from the nasty little critters.  They really are disgusting.

Anyway, On Saturday we cleaned out all of the big things that we needed to re home  before the deconstruction began.  Later that afternoon Stephen called his Dad over and explained the plans of taking the garage apart in a systematic order.


  We all agreed and went to cutting a section of roof so we could pull down small areas one at a time.  Stephen got the ropes and jeep and tied everything off then began the slowly pull.  Fast forward 5 seconds and the entire 2.5 car garage was collapsing in on itself.


Not really what we had planned but the damn thing is down! Now we have to take it all apart and haul it off so we can build the new improved smaller garage!


Until Then,


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Hi there!

I hope that you are all doing well. Things are getting back to normal for us now that Mardi Gras is over .  It has been non stop with work, and benefits for Officer Billa’s family.  I have been blessed to attend 2 events so far and I have put together a fund raising breakfast at work this week.  I hope we have a great turn out.  I will say that this month has been a bit hard since Stephen went back to night shift.  I have not been sleeping well,  I guess it is just something that I will have to deal with.  February was a bit jam packed, So I figure that I can just sum up my last month in one post.


Stephen worked his first Mardi Gras Parade as a MPD

I went to a weekend Parade with some friends and got some Chicken on a stick.

So bad for you but sooo delicious!

As a member of the Citizens Academy Alumni Association, I got to help hand out lunches to all of the Officers who were working the parades on Joe Cain, Lundi Gras and Fat Tuesday. It is so nice to get the chance to talk with the Officers and thank them for all that they do for our community.


And these are the Chocolate cupcakes I made for Stephen’s birthday.  He took them to his Precinct and shared them with his squad.  There were none left and a few of the guys went back for seconds.  Even at the age of 44 he loves cupcakes!

I know that we are in the middle of March, but I will have plenty to write about soon.  I have tried some new recipes and revamped some old, so look for them soon.

Until Then,


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So I did something BIG!  I signed up for a 27 week full body challenge.  I started my diet on January 1st and started the workout group on the 3 of January.  My weight was 158.8 on the 1st.  My goal is to gain strength, to tone my body and to be more healthy.  This challenge is called the Kick start challenge and it is being held at Team Hopkins Jiu-Jitsu  in Mobile, AL.  It is so convenient because it is only 2 blocks away from my house. This makes it harder to make excuses not to show up.  The first time I went to a class everyone welcomed me into the group with open arms.  They made me feel like I had been around from the very beginning.  There is a Facebook page for our group and it is full of support, encouragement and friendship. I hope to see some results by the end of my first month.  I will let you know how things are going.

Now on another note ,this post was supposed to go out a  week ago but my computer crashed!  I mean what the hell?   So I have no photos to post until I figure it out.  I am using an old laptop to get this to you now. So don’t forget about me and keep checking in because I will do my best to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Wish me Luck!!

Until Then,


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See ya November!

Well as I sit and type this post it is the last night of November and I just want to say that I am thankful for quite a lot. For instance. . .

My family


My friends





And my amazing husband!


I am so blessed!

Until Then,


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So I totally know this is late but hey, I have a life too.  With work, the Fur Kids, and a Police husband, I am busy cleaning, cooking sleeping and relaxing (when I can).  So now I am writing my Samhian post.

At work we decided on a Sports them. I went as a referee as did my partner in crime.


The other girls dressed as a tennis, soccer, and baseball player.


We had a wrestler, and a handful of tail gaiters.


We all brought food and had a big Halloween feast.

It was fun and some of the other departments really went all out.  Our Medical Records department chose Hocus Pocus to dress up as.  I have to say that they won the day in my book.


They had a floating cauldron and the hanging cages with kids in them ( not real ones).


The sacred candle which can only be lit by a Virgin.


And who could forget Billy Butcherson?


They did a great job.


It was a long day at work but I was ready to head over to ritual with my friend Barbra.  Our lovely host had the house decorated to the 9’s.  They had over 300 kids come trick or treating to her house alone.


The food was amazing!


The fire pit was a blaze and we all gathered round for warmth and conversation.


Circle was set with beautiful lights as the spirit world lingered just on the other side of the thinning veil.


Paula and Cody graciously invited us in to circle.  It was a magical time to reflect on the  past year and what was to come in the new year.  You could feel those who had left this relm  reaching out to us. Letting us know they are there and to thank us for remembering them.


We all lit candles for our ancestors.


It was a wonderful evening.  I am so glad that I can be a part of such a fantastical group of people.

Now that November has started it is time to be thankful and show appreciation for all that we have in this dark time of year.  Love, shelter, friends, jobs, LIFE!  I think that I will post about what I am thankful for throughout November.  I challenge you to tell someone what you are thankful for too.

Until Then,


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Well this morning I woke up early and headed Downtown Mobile to walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.


I met a few of the girls that I work with and we did the 5k walk.  It was chilly and rainy but the crowd pushed through and we raised awareness for a great cause.


This walk does not have a entry fee but they ask for donations which go toward the research for a cure to Breast Cancer.


I walk in honor of my Mom who is a breast cancer survivor and for Mrs. Cindy Morris who is the Den Mother to the Mobile Police Academy.

Stephen was on Traffic Duty during the walk so it was nice to see him along the way.


We made it to the finish line and now it is time for some food and Para Norman!

Image result for ParaNorman


Tomorrow I clean, relax and watch more movies!

Until Then,



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