It’s That Madness In The Air!

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  As we all know it is nearing the most amazing time of year… Mad Tea Party Time!

Vanessa Valencia from A Fanciful Twist is hosting her Mad Tea Blog Party and you do not want to miss out.

If you click on the link above you can see her original  post

for how to join in the Blog Party Fun.

Hope to see you there!

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It’s That Time Again!








Welcome My pretties! Yay It is that time again.

The Wonderful Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist is hosting her 6th Annual Halloween Blog Party.

 I promise, you do not want to miss this!

Take a look and see how you can be a part of such a wonderful event!!





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Fun New Hobby!

I love decorating for all occasions / holidays.  I used to hang a seasonal flag on our house but our new house does not have a place to put a flag pole.  So instead I have hung wreathes or lights or both.  I figured “hey, I can make these decorations myself!” So my new hobby started taking form.  I got a saw, my husband helped me pick out the correct type of wood and I drew the designs myself. I have tons of craft paint so I knew I was well on my way.  I have to say learning how to maneuver the saw was the most time-consuming but it has gotten easier each project.  I hope to start selling my creations. It will be fun. I can personalize any of the Door Decor I make.

Here is a look at some of my creations.







I am working on a few new shapes for the holiday season. Check back for more soon!

If you are interested in anything let me know!

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Small Projects that Make a Big Difference!

Good afternoon,   As my last post rambled on about my lack of desire to work and total ambition to be retired, I have news! I now have 2 jobs in the restaurant business.  Oh yes 2. I am waiting tables at 2 local places trying to make ends meet. Why oh why couldn’t I have been a trust fund kid?

As I know there is nothing I can do about that, I must push forward and kill myself working!  But I will say that I have been trying to complete a few small projects around the house that really seem to make a big difference.  I changes the pulls out in my kitchen, white to brushed nickel added some hooks to the back door area and I made some really cute curtains for the butler’s pantry. I feel very accomplished at the moment.  So here are a few pictures to show my progress.white before

These are the white pulls before

nickle after

And the nickel pulls after

fun hooks

The cute hooks I added to the back door area

horrible before

These are the horrible curtains that were in the butler’s pantry when we bought the house

2 before

I really hate these things!

cute after

These are the curtains I made!

2 after

So cute and fun. And to think I made them out of a shower curtain.

Yep you read correctly. A shower curtain. I bought 3 of them on clearance.

I am going to make some pillow covers for my front porch swing. The colors will be so bright and fun and they will last through

the summer up til fall starts rolling around!

Oh and by the way. . .

there are only 153 days until



YAY!!! My heart just skipped a beat!!!

Ok well that is for another day! Stay tuned for more fun stuff.

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Changes they are a brewin!!!

Here I am again apologizing for such a long break between posts.  Tons of exciting things have unfolded over the past few weeks. My parents are coming back to Alabama for a job and my husband and I found and put an offer on a house. First time home owners is a scary thing to think about. I always thought we would be lifetime renters. But I guess it is the next step to becoming adults right?

Hurricane Issac dropped a lot of rain and wind on our city.  I am glad that it moved NW and passed us but I hate that New Orléans got hit hard again.  Living on the southern coast is hard but  you have to learn to deal with it.

Also, I got a new job working in a large retail store. I like it so far but it has only been a few weeks. The holidays are just around the corner so it will be busy and I will decide after that if it is the job for me. I really want to like the job I have. If that is possible.

Back to the subject of buying a house, I have so many things to do. I will need to paint 3 or maybe 4 rooms to start with and I need to decide on colors. I want to go light and airy but am not sure. Any ideas on color schemes would be great. Tell me your favorite colors! I am also looking forward to buying some new furniture. We don’t need a  lot of things but I want a bed room that matches. I have a modge podge of things at the moment.  Although it will be fine for a guest room. I have so many ideas and can not wait to know when I will be able to start the real work! Hopefully we will know by next week. So until then I will share a fun project with you. It will look so cute in my new home. If we get it!!!!

Coasters from Corks

If you are like me you probably save all wine corks. I always think, Oh I can make some really cute things out of them.

Well here is one idea.

You need about 19 corks (will make 2 coasters)

2 or more steel adjustable clamps ( any hardware store)

A good knife

A screwdriver

Ok look at your corks and decide where the center is. You can measure it and then cut. I just guessed and went for it.

Cut the cork in half. Be careful. If the cork is a little dry it will break. You don’t want to cut your finger off!

When all of your corks are cut, place them inside the clamps.

You have a big size range of clamps at the store so decide which is best for your use.

Now tighten the clamp so that the corks are good and secure and don’t slide.


Easy as pie and now you have a coaster that can handle hot pots, candles or glasses.

The possibilities are endless.

All right. it is time for lunch then I have to get ready for work.

I will keep you posted on the house! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Until Then,


DIY Make-Up Station!

Happy Hump Day to you!!!

I hope that you have had a good first half of the week.  Mine has been, once again, busy!.  I am going on a little mini vacation with my Sister and Niece next Friday so I have tried to get everything I need, ahead of time. We are renting a house down in Orange Beach, Alabama!  I have not been to the beach in about 7 years. This is so sad because I only live 45 minutes from there.  I really need to make time for the fun things in life. With the big 40 lurking in the shadows, I feel this is a very important part of being happy.

So keep posted because I will make sure to share some photos from my vacation.

Now on to the crafting.  I guess you could call this a craft but it is also an up cycle project of sorts.  My bathroom is small and I have no cabinets, counter top or drawers. I have a pedestal sink a shower and a toilet. That is all.

So I have a ton of make up bags stuffed to the hilt with all of my make up stuff.  I decided to change that.  I figured I could up cycle an old picture frame, some spray paint, and magnets I had lying around.

Here is what you need

DIY Make-Up Station

One old picture frame.

Spray paint.

Silicon glue, or strong adhesive of choice.


1 metal pencil organizer.

1 piece of sheet metal cut to size of inside of frame. ( I got mine from lowes)

  Take the glass out of the frame.

Spray paint the frame the color of choice. Let dry completely.

Place the metal in the frame and use your adhesive to secure it in place. I put one coat and let dry.

Put a second coat on and make the corners wide for better security. Let dry completely.

While this is drying you can use the same adhesive and glue your magnets to the back of your make up compacts.

I have much more that I am waiting to dry so I can place them on the station.

A last-minute idea  was to attach 2 eye hooks at the top of the frame for hanging purposes.

When everything is dry and ready you can hang it on you wall in the bathroom.

I guess if you have enough space you could just place it on your counter and lean it against the wall.

This way you would not put holes in your walls.

Also when you run out of your make up and need to replace it you can just pull the magnet off of the back and glue it to the new one!


See how freaking cute this is!

  I think this would be a great project for a kitchen and your spices!  Oh I see another project in my future. How about you???

Alright, I am off to take dinner out of the oven then it is sewing time.  I have a cute little project that I am working on.

Pics to come!!

Until Then,