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It’s my birthday month!!!! WoooHooo.

The 19th is my actual birth date but you know how it is. . . Celebrate while you can.

 Anyway, I got some great gifts.  My best friend gave me a set of attachments for my KitchenAid stand mixer and a new paddle attachment! I am so happy and excited to put them to use.



We plan on shredding some cheese for a new recipe tonight. So if all goes well, you will have a new recipe very soon!

My husband was very thoughtful this birthday.  He gave me my own Web Site!  How cool is that?

 This means that I will be moving  Creative Arts & Eatables to my new location and you are coming along with me.

All of you who have subscribed to my blog will continue to receive email notifications of new posts.

If you do not get the email notification then that means you have probably just chosen to FOLLOW me. If this is the case, Please do Subscribe.

I have made it very easy on the new site by adding a Follow me Now area in the side bar.

Nothing will change but the location (all my old  posts have transferred) so I hope everyone will SUBSCRIBE and keep enjoying my blog and posts.

Until Then,



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As the days grow increasingly HOT and Humid, I am proud of the little plants that I  have managed to keep alive this season.

Last summer I planted some herbs, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and okra.

Most did pretty well but being a first time grower, I had and still do not have any idea what I am doing.

The best producers have been my peppers and the basil!  They just keep going.  Today I picked about 8 peppers.


I realized that there were some green onions in the fridge that were on the verge of needing to be tossed.

 I stuck them in an empty pot of soil and what do you know… they have started taking up just fine and there is already new green coming up.

 It makes me happy to grow things.

 I have noticed that there are ants living in all of my planters and I have no idea how to remedy this.

I do not want to use any chemicals on my little garden but I need to do something.  Every time I pull weeds it disturbs the ants and they go every where.

I mentioned last post that I did not take photos of the first few recipes that I have tried on the Banting diet.

I have started taking them but the next few recipes will be basic and photo free.

So the recipe this evening is a Hamburger casserole.

Cheeseburger Casserole


1 pounds ground beef (I used ground Turkey)

1 large garlic cloves

1/4 teaspoon onion powder

1/2 pound bacon, cooked and chopped

4 eggs

1/2 of a (6 ounce) can tomato paste

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon ground pepper

6 ounces grated cheddar cheese, divided


Brown ground beef with garlic and onion powder

Drain excess grease and set meat aside

 Stir bacon pieces into cooked beef

In medium bowl, whisk together eggs, tomato paste, heavy cream, salt, and pepper until well combined

Stir 4 ounces grated cheese into egg mixture

Pour egg mixture over beef and bacon

Pour this into the meat and make sure it is mixed well

Pour this into an 8×8 pan

Top with remaining 4 ounces of grated cheese

Bake at 350°F for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown on top

Mushrooms, onions, are great add-ins!

If you have any ideas about keeping the ants out of my planters I would love to hear about them!

Until Then,


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Well I went and did it again.

 I totally dropped off the face of the earth when it came to blogging.  All I do is work (like most people)  and it is so tiring.  I do have some new stuff to talk about though.

 To start, for years I have had some stomach issues. Dr.’s like to call it IBS  (irritable bowel syndrome) Without going into much detail, lets just say that it wreaked havoc on my life.

My Dr. recently told me that I should try to cut out the gluten in my diet to see if it helps.

So my husband looked at a few diet/lifestyles that fit into the plan and on May 23 we began our journey on what is called the Banting Diet or LCHF diet.

Briefly, this means no carbs, no sugar, starch!  So no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, ALCOHOL!!!

I have looked up many recipes and tried a lot of them. I have not been disappointed yet.   I did not take photos like I should have but I will post the few recipes that I have tried.

I promise to start taking photos again!

 In the 14 days we have been on this diet I have lost 1.5 inches and 5 pounds! Also my IBS issues have not flared up once since we began.

I have gotten to the age where my actual # weight is not important but how I look and feel in my skin and clothing is the key.

 I had written back in February that I had joined the gym AGAIN!!!

Well, I canceled my membership when we started this diet and we are now walking 4 – 5 miles every afternoon when I get home from work and 2 times a day on the weekends.

 I sleep better at night and just feel better all around.

I have to say that I have seen the fastest and most positive results on this new Lifestyle change than with any other diet, pill or workout in my entire 43 years of life.  And it is so easy to stick to.

I have wanted some pizza but not so bad that I broke my diet.  Our personal goal was to start this change on May 23 and to stay very strict with no goof ups until July 19.

The date we chose is my 44th Birthday. We want to see just how much has changed with our bodies and health!

Wish us LUCK!

So to start the recipes out I will leave you with a breakfast recipe that is also great for an on the go snack.

LCHF  Omelet Bites


 6 eggs

 1 – 2 scallions finely chopped

 3 oz. uncooked bacon

 4 oz   shredded cheese

 1 tablespoon pesto, green or red

(optional) salt and pepper to taste


Preheat the oven to 350°F

 Chop  onion and bacon

 Whisk the eggs together with seasoning and pesto

 Add the cheese and stir

 Place the batter in greased mini muffin tins and add bacon

 Bake for 15–20 minutes, depending on the size of the muffin tins

Let cool just a bit and Pop’em in your mouth and


Until Then,


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Can you believe how fast time flies now that we are older?  I mean I feel like I was just ringing in the new year of 2013 and now Yule is upon us. So many things still left to do before the big day and so little money to conquer this task with.  I tell you, I am so ready for a steady full-time job it isn’t funny.  I’m tired of the uncertain roller coaster of a job that is serving/waiting tables.    I got some help with my résumé and now that I have it in order I am trying to send it out to a new job posting at least once a day.  Something has to come of this in time. Right?  Fingers crossed.

This holiday season is bringing back many memories of the past year. So much to reflect on. Good and bad. But I know how thankful I am to be here typing this to whom ever is reading.  This is our second year in our house and honestly after last years Christmas Day tornado, we are very blessed. We are alive, we have our family, our home,  we both have jobs, (even if they are not ideal) our health is good and most important of all, We have one another. I am very blessed.  Sometimes we just need a reminder.

So, the tree is decorated and the lights all lit. Presents are being wrapped and topped with bows. The warmth of the season brings friends and families closer, if only for a day. Enjoy the small things, as you never know when they might go missing.


Until Then,


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Again I find myself mosey-ing back to this lovely venue to get in touch with my blogging side.  I have found it very hard to keep myself motivated to be here. I wonder why that is???? I have no clue but I have missed so many opportunities of sharing recipes, craft projects and such.  I found myself somewhat yearning to be here today so I am giving it another go.  I will promise to do my best and to stay as on top of things as I possibly can.

I see so many places that people are jumping on the band wagon of the Daily Thankfulness posts. Phooey!  We should be thankful everyday all year-long. Not one month out of a year. Maybe that is where I have faltered.   I have felt a bit down lately. I think I have just forgotten to be thankful for all the wonderful things I have in my life.  Sometimes it takes being smacked in the face with the needs of others before we get the hint.  So as you can guess, I have been smacked.  At my Job, I am faced every day with homeless people walking the streets from morning til dark. It is heart breaking. I see animals roaming the streets looking for food and shelter and a little kindness. I understand that I can not fix everything. But I can help to some degree. And I plan to help as much as possible this holiday season. I have a new  group of Ladies and Gentlemen that I have been lucky enough to meet, who share my thoughts and actions for the holiday helping hand idea. We have spoken about getting a food drive together. Not only for humans but also the fur babies! It is exciting and I am really looking forward to it.

So after all that, I have to say. . .  I am Thankful for being able to help even in the smallest amount. There are some creatures who have nothing!

Go forth this holiday season and do a random act of kindness. You will be glad that you did!

Harvest WitchThis is the first painting I ever attempted! I call her my Thankful Harvest Witch!

Happy Holidays!

Until Then,


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Good Grief! It has been too long yet again.

Things here are still a bit nuts. How about you and your lives? I feel like I work all the time and have only a few seconds to do the fun stuff life offers.

I have so many project that I want to start, finish and enjoy, but never the time to begin or complete them.

I really want to retire.

I know at the age of 40 that seems pretty silly but dammit I wanna!

I want to work in  my little garage workshop and create fun items that I can sell.  Is that too much to ask for? I don’t think so.

 On a more springy note, I have the most beautiful Iris’ growing in mu back yard. They are such a deep purple and I love them.

When we moved into our new house there was a large tree growing in the back yard. It was too close to the house and was hitting the side of the roof, so we had it cut down and the stump ground up.

  So when the weather started warming up these green leaves started popping up everywhere in that area. I almost cut them down with the lawn mower but decided against it. I am glad I did. Because the outcome is amazing.


Here we have Eloise sitting on the back porch with all the pretty things I planted this afternoon. She is a ham when it comes to pictures.

Lazy Eloise

Such a sweet girl.

So I guess I will see how things go. Keep your fingers crossed that I get to retire! Ha ha.

Until Then,


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Oh you have no idea how happy I am to be writing this post. I tell you I am a blessed person. I have mentioned the past few posts that I have been behind, late, nonexistent compared to last year. Well I can tell you that I am making it a point of importance to be here more often in the new year. So let me explain the dramatics. . . On December 25, 2012 my Husband and I woke up and had a wonderful morning of coffee, presents and loving kisses from our dogs. We spent the day with his family, eating and exchanging gifts. Really enjoying the love and closeness of the holiday. Well we knew the weather was going to turn into thunderstorms late evening so we made our way home to let the dogs out and settle in from a long day of celebrating.  The weather had started turning bad with heavy rain and winds. I guess we had been home about 20 minutes and just let the dogs in when things turned bad quick. I was in the hallway looking for something in the closet and Stephen was upstairs changing clothes when it all came together. The sirens sounded and the most sinister sound came screaming through our neighborhood. A Category F2 Tornado was ripping through with a vengeance.  I have never been so frightened in all of my life. Stephen came running down the stairs while I wrangled the 5 dogs to safety in  the hallway. And just like that it was over.

I live in the Historical part of Mobile, Alabama called Midtown. You walk out of my front door and you are on the campus of the oldest Historical High School, still in operation, S.S. Murphy High School. (Also my Alma mater)  It took an almost direct hit. Being 5 o’clock in the evening we could not see much. All power was out as far as the eye could see. People were scurrying everywhere looking for neighbors and trying to check damage to personal property. We were spared by ruffly 200 feet. That is how close this tornado came to taking everything.

Complete TERROR!

In the aftermath of this horrible disaster the students of Murphy High School (2,300 to be exact) have to relocated to another school and the seniors will not get to take part in the long time traditions of parading around the Horseshoe, Pep Rally in the auditorium, or Senior breakfast.

It really makes my heart heavy to see my beautiful school in shambles. I am going to do all that I can to help raise money to get Murphy High School back to its Historical Glory. If you would like to help you can click on this link  http://www.murphyalumni.org/

There is a place to give if you feel the urge.

The link below is a news paper article about the damage.








No matter what the damage Panther Spirit Lives on.

We will Re Build!

I find myself re evaluating the important things in my life these days. I also vow to keep in touch with my blog more often!

Until Then,

Happy New Year!


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