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Today I did something that I never thought I could do.  As yo all know, I joined a fitness group back in January.  Well this amazing group of women came together and decided to sign up for a 5K  SWAT Team Mud Run.



This run is put on by our Local Police Department Swat Team in Mobile, Alabama.  The money raised benefits the SWAT team as well as other local Law Enforcement Departments.   I have never run anything in my life!  There were 34 obstacles that you had to go over, through or under and there was a TON of mud pits.


“Me heading over one of the walls”

People lost shoes, socks and lord knows what else.  I have never challenged myself as much as I did today.  There were 12 of us and we all worked together and cheered each other on through the hardest parts.  I am so proud of myself for this accomplishment but I am even more proud to say that I represented my Husband, Officer J. Scroggins who was on duty today and could not participate.  Thank you to the Team Hopkins Kick Fit Ladies for pushing me to be better!



Now I am headed home to rest and get some food! It has been a long day.


Until Then,



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Hello and a big how are ya!

So Stephen and I have talked about knocking down our old garage and building a new one for over a year. The one we have is old, not built very well and as we have recently found out, INFESTED WITH TERMITES!!  I mean it is so bad that when Stephen went to get something out of the garage the other day one of the shelves had fallen off the wall because the boards were hollow from the nasty little critters.  They really are disgusting.

Anyway, On Saturday we cleaned out all of the big things that we needed to re home  before the deconstruction began.  Later that afternoon Stephen called his Dad over and explained the plans of taking the garage apart in a systematic order.


  We all agreed and went to cutting a section of roof so we could pull down small areas one at a time.  Stephen got the ropes and jeep and tied everything off then began the slowly pull.  Fast forward 5 seconds and the entire 2.5 car garage was collapsing in on itself.


Not really what we had planned but the damn thing is down! Now we have to take it all apart and haul it off so we can build the new improved smaller garage!


Until Then,


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So last month I helped organize a breakfast fundraiser in honor of Officer Billa who was killed in the line of duty February 20th 2018.  So many people at Premier Medical stepped up and donated food items as well as money to help Officer Billa’s wife and son.  I am proud of everyone for helping out in a time of need.

I made hash brown casserole for this event and it is always a big hit.  Again I say that this recipe is easy.  I changed it up from the basic recipe I have and added my secret ingredient to make it my own.



Gluten free
1 Onion, small
1 can Cream of chicken soup (I use the herbed one)
1 bag Hash, Frozen Browns
1/2 tsp Black pepper
1 tsp Salt
1 stick Butter
8 oz Cheddar cheese(I use more cause I like it cheesy)
1 cup Sour cream
Secret Ingredient- Cream cheese for a small batch like this, I use 4oz.
Ok so in a large bowl I put all ingredients except 
the cheese, and hash browns and butter.
Mix this all together.
Slowly add in the hash browns.
Now add some cheese and mix well.
Last pour the melted butter in and gently mix until combined.
In a greased pan pour the mixture and spread evenly.
Top with shredded cheese and place in a 375 degree oven and bake for about 30-34 minutes.  It will be golden brown and bubbling hot!
Grab a helping quick because this will not last long!

I was lucky enough to be the one to deliver the money to Precinct 3.  I was able to introduce myself to Captain Parmenter and give him the check for Erin and Taylor Billa.

Between the West and East offices we raised over $700.00.  We hope that it helps in any way possible.

I am so proud to say that I knew Officer Billa and I stand with the Mobile Police Department and all of the amazing men and women who put their lives on the line every  day and night.

Thank you Officer Billa.  You gave up everything to protect your community.


Until Then,


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 So last night we had some crazy bad weather come through our area.  The winds  started picking up on Friday afternoon and continued through late last night.  It rained so had and for so long that there was a lot of flooding and there were reports of trees down in our neighborhood.  I have to say, I got a bit nervous with the weather because of the tornado that hit our neighborhood Christmas day in 2012.  This morning when we woke up the skies are a beautiful blue with white clouds and a gently breeze.  The only problem I have is that it is a chilly 59 degrees! This is not normal for my area.  It is making me long for Fall.  I am a bit worried about the summer heat that is on the way.  I do not like being hot!

But anyway,  a few days ago I got home from work and needed to figure out what to make for dinner.  Stephen has been really sick the past week and he has not had much of an appetite so I figured I would make something full of flavor.

I made this up as I searched the fridge for ingredients.  I didn’t take photos throughout the process. Sorry.  But it was so simple you can visualize it.  Ok so I had portobello mushrooms that I brushed with olive oil then sprinkled salt, pepper and garlic powder on them.  I put them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes until they were soft but still had a bit of firmness.  While they were cooking I pulled out some baby spinach, 2 left over grilled chicken tenders, bacon bits and shredded cheese.  In a small pan I melted a small amount of butter then I added the spinach and a dash of salt and pepper.  I sautéed the spinach until it was nice and soft. I diced the chicken and added it to the pan along with the bacon.  As this was all melding together I took the mushrooms out of the oven.  I topped them with my mixture from the pan then topped them with the shredded cheese then put them back in the oven to melt the cheese.  The only photo I took was the finished product.


This was so good, healthy and filling.  It would be great as an appetizer if you are

entertaining friends.  I will definitely be making this more often as it is so quick and delicious.

Until then,



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This post is going to be short but I want to tell you about something that has happened in my community.  On Tuesday February 20, 2018 Officer Billa, with Mobile Police Department, was killed in the line of duty.  My world came to a stand still when I heard this news.  As you know, my Husband recently took the oath to Serve and Protect his community,  which means charging head first into some of the most dangerous situations.  I can not imagine what Officer Bills’d wife is going through, but the thought of her pain shatters my heart.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and child as well as to his Police Family.  Rest easy Officer Billa and know that your Brothers and Sisters will take it from here.


I thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. It was a pleasure to have known you.  You are a true hero.

Until Then,


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So I did something BIG!  I signed up for a 27 week full body challenge.  I started my diet on January 1st and started the workout group on the 3 of January.  My weight was 158.8 on the 1st.  My goal is to gain strength, to tone my body and to be more healthy.  This challenge is called the Kick start challenge and it is being held at Team Hopkins Jiu-Jitsu  in Mobile, AL.  It is so convenient because it is only 2 blocks away from my house. This makes it harder to make excuses not to show up.  The first time I went to a class everyone welcomed me into the group with open arms.  They made me feel like I had been around from the very beginning.  There is a Facebook page for our group and it is full of support, encouragement and friendship. I hope to see some results by the end of my first month.  I will let you know how things are going.

Now on another note ,this post was supposed to go out a  week ago but my computer crashed!  I mean what the hell?   So I have no photos to post until I figure it out.  I am using an old laptop to get this to you now. So don’t forget about me and keep checking in because I will do my best to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Wish me Luck!!

Until Then,


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Well Happy New Year!


Yes I know that it is already a few weeks in but here I am.  Quite a lot has been going on the past few months.  I mean all the holidays are over but man they were a whirlwind.  Stephen and I were busy with work, family and friends.  We hosted our Friends Kurt and Christine for a late friends Giving, they had me over for lunch one day while Stephen was working.  They also invited us over for an early Christmas dinner. which was delicious.


They put out a yummy plate of meat and cheese.


Kurt and Stephen in the kitchen making refreshing drinks.




I love Christine’s plates!


The four of us leaning in for a group pic…


This is a little gift that Kurt and Christine gave us!

   Stephen volunteered himself and I to make Christmas Day lunch for his entire Precinct, so we were busy preparing everything all day Christmas eve day.  We went over to my parents house that evening to eat dinner and enjoy family time.


This is how we do Christmas Eve diner in the South.  Fried shrimp, Crab and Corn bisque, cheese grits and coleslaw.


Not the best but it is a pretty descent photo of us.

 They next morning I woke up and pre heated the oven so I could get everything cooked and ready to deliver by 11:15 lunch time.


 It worked out so well. I was able to have Christmas Lunch with Stephen and his squad.

New Years was uneventful for me but that is perfectly fine.  I really don’t like going out and about on big holidays.  There are to many people out there who do not think, drink  and then drive.  No thank you.


 I was content sitting on my couch snuggled up with a blanket and my 2 Fur Babies.  I heard the fireworks from the living room  and that was enough celebrating for me!

Well this sums up my last 4 weeks.  I hope that your Holiday season was awesome and that your New Year brings you good health, good friend, great food, love and everything else you wish for!

I have started my new year off with a challenge.  I will talk more on that in a day or two.

Until Then,


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