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Well here we are, the best season of all is upon us, FALL oh how I have missed you. I mean it is still in the 90’s here in my home town, but I am still decorated and ready for bonfire nights. How about you?

I know that I said I have a ton to tell you from my time away so here we go.  “Takes deep breath”, My Mom was diagnosed with Breast cancer last October.  She had a few surgeries to remove the affected areas, went through radiation and is now hoping to keep a clean bill of health.  She is one tough Lady!  I was so proud of her through this entire journey and I am so glad that she is doing well.  One day at a time is how we live these days and it is good.

Second, at the ripe age of 43, my Husband finally decided what he wanted to be when he grew up… He went and signed up for the Mobile Police Academy! He went through the interview, polygraph, physical fitness test and they chose him to be one of the Recruits.  He was the oldest guy in class!  I tell you what I have never been more amazed at the dedication he has shown through the 3 months of training these guys endured.  He came home black and blue, limping, bloody and so sore that he could hardly walk, but he never complained. He studied hard every night, took long hot showers, slathered on sore muscle cream and got up every day and did it all over again.  3 month came and went and on Jun 30, 2017 my husband was awarded his Badge and he graduated the Academy.  I am so proud to say that he is now Officer Stephen Scroggins.  It was one of the most amazing things that I have been a part of, seeing all of the guys stand and take the oath to Protect and Serve their communities.


Now I am a Police Wife and I LOVE it.  I can not sit here and say that it isn’t nerve-racking at times because it most certainly is.  I worry every time he leaves for Duty, but I know that he is out doing what he loves.

One perk is that i get to go to the FBI Gun Range with him!! I always love his off Saturdays.


So now you know what I have been doing for the several months I was away.   I am going to start my October Movie of the week posts this week, so keep in touch!

Until Then,



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Thanks Giving greetings,

Sorry that I have been MIA this month but things have been Not so Good around my house.  My eldest (14 year old) Fur Baby “Ennis” took a turn for the worse, health wise.   He had a stroke about a 8 months ago and we found out that he has Cushing’s disease. These things have pretty much made him very weak and his muscles are just deteriorating.  We have to carry him in and out of the house and also to eat or drink water.  He did not even have the strength to shift positions when he was lying in his bed.  His eye sight was quickly failing, his hearing the same.   Just this past Sunday he began to not eat and his water intake was very minimal.  We knew that his time with us was limited. We had a decision to make no matter how hard it would be.

On Wednesday November 23, 2016 I said good bye to my best friend, soul mate, kindred spirit, Familiar.  My heart is shattered and my spirit burns less bright with him gone.

14 years ago this handsome boy chose me to be his human and my life has been better because of it.


The day he found me

Each day is hard. I miss him so much but I know that he is happy and free running the fields with his 2 sisters.  No pain, no worries just happy and free.

Until we meet again,


The day I let him go.




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Good Morning,

One year ago to the day and almost time of the morning I was startled awake by a phone call.  I did not recognize the number so I rejected it and shut my eyes.  Seconds later the phone rings again.  It was a woman’s voice introducing herself in a very matter of fact but professional way.  Then the most life changing words hit my ears.  Your Husband has been in an accident and he needs you to get here as soon as you can!    He was headed to work that Friday morning ( he rode a motor cycle, a  Triumph)  and he was still in our neighborhood.   A lady sitting at a stop sign on her cell phone never looked up when she decided to enter the intersection. She hit and ran over my husband.  When I approached the scene my heart was broken. It takes a lot to walk up on your husband lying there with his clothing being cut off.  Needles to say his body was broken but his spirit was not. He was calm and had his wits about him to make sure I stayed calm.  After 2 ambulance rides to 2 different hospitals, emergency spleen surgery, artery replacement in his crushed left arm and a rod in his right hip to fix the broken femur head, I finally took a breath!  Although I was not involved in the accident it is true what they say. . .  My life flashed before my eyes.  I have no idea how I could live my life with out my Husband.   We tell the people in our lives we love them and it is true but this made me realize that it is more than love. It is love, companionship, friendship, compassion, dislike, arguments,  jokes, fun times and sadness.  It is Life and mine would not be fulfilled without Stephen in it.

Thank goodness he is tough as nails and has made a remarkable recovery. He says he should have been a stunt man! He was blessed that day with a second chance at Life.  I feel like I got a wake up call as well.  Do not take life and Love for granted.  Make sure to tell those in your life that you Love them but be sure to show them everyday.  wess

This photo above was the happiest day of my life.

Until they told me Stephen would recover from his accident. Then it was the second happiest day.

I can not imagine stumbling through life with out him beside me!

Feeling Blessed.

Until Then,




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My Goodness the weather is crazy these days.  I know that living in the South I should be used to the sudden changes but lately it seems to be getting worse.

I was at work Thursday evening and a really bad storm came through.  Being on the water ( no trees to see being  blown down) I did not understand the severity of it. When I got home that evening it was a whole other story.  All of the power was out on 3 major roads and trees were down all over the place.  I should have known that things were not normal when I drove up to my house and the power pole across the street was leaning.

Well it had stopped raining so I let the dogs out and walked out with them and what do you know. . . not 10 minutes later it started raining again.  So in we went and down came the rain.  I was in working on the computer when I heard my Husband calling me from the kitchen.  I walk in to find water pouring out of the light fixture, out of the ceiling and down the walls from behind and out of the cabinets. Needless to say, Chaos ensued!!!!! Many buckets and towels later we are outside with flash lights climbing on the roof to see the issue!

What a night!!

The contractor came out as well as the insurance people. We have drying machines all over the kitchen, the stove is in the center of the room, the floors have been ripped up and all of our kitchen supplies are in our bedroom.  Looks like some major construction in the near future!

I just hope it is finished before the fall season starts so I can enjoy my back yard!! Anyway I hope to have some projects finished really soon so I can share them with you. I hate that there is no baking or cooking in my plans for a while.

I know things could have been much worse. We are lucky!

If you look close you can see the water running down the wall!

Wish us Luck!

Until Then,


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I just wanted to say sorry about the posting issues I am having. I had a great post for my Birthday July 19th, but when I went to publish it. . . all of my contents was deleted! Except the title.
I am looking into the issue and hope to have it resolved soon because fall is on the way and I am working on lots of fun projects that I can not wait to share with you.

Until Then,

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With the  weather really getting warmer by the minute, I decided that I was in the mood for some good lemonade.  Not something you just add water to. I wanted some fresh squeezed lemonade. So I searched and searched for a recipe that I could alter to my taste. It is really good and you know me. . . Easy!

Sorry there are no photos! My camera is very sick so the photos I took of this recipe are not accessible! I hope that we might be able to retrieve them, but not sure about it.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!

1 cup fresh lemon juice. About 6 lemons.

2/3 cup sugar. I like my lemonade  tart.

You may want to add a little more sugar.

8 cups of water.

1 extra lemon for garnish.

Juice your lemons and add to your pitcher.

Add sugar to pitcher.

Add water to pitcher.


Cut lemon into thin slices and add to pitcher.

Put pitcher into Fridge to get good and cold.

Make sure to stir your lemonade each time before you pour into glasses.

The sweet settles to the bottom!

Add ice to a glass, lemonade, a garnish lemon slice and . . .


I took my glass to the back yard and sat in the swing for a while. It was relaxing and quite refreshing.

I hope you try to take a moment and enjoy the little pleasures in your life today!

Until Then,


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I am so happy to be back and so soon.  I had a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  I hope you did as well. The weather has been absolutely perfect the past week and it has gotten me in the crafty spirit.  I cleaned house all day yesterday and I am going to start in the yard this afternoon as soon as I get back from the Vet’s office. I have to take Clare, my eldest 4 legged daughter, in for a visit. See she is prone to split toenails. OUCH! This has happened many times but it is usually her front dew claws. This time it is her back foot and it is 2 claws at one time.  She is limping and she is not comfortable when she sits or lays down.  I hope that our wonderful Vet can make her feel better and soon. It makes me cringe when she limps around the house. She is a sad, sad, little girl.

Oh, I have a fun little craft project to share with you today!! This project is so easy and you can use it for any occasion or holiday. I have used it for male or female friends and family! Perfect right?

So the perfect craft is. . . Personalized magnets.  It’s fun, easy, and a great idea for your kids to give to friends for gifts!

Here we go.

Magazines.  I save many of my magazines each month and make magnets just so I have them on hand for any occasion.

Magnets. I have round and square. You can get these at any hobby or craft store.

Glass beads. I have found these at the Dollar Tree, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and sometimes Wal-Mart. Make sure that they are CLEAR!

Sometimes they have this iridescent sheen on them and they do not work well!

I have all shapes and sizes. It is up to you which ones you want to use.

Glue. I use two different kinds, tacky glue, and Amazing E-6000.  They seem to work the best.

A pen or marker.


Take a bead and look through a magazine.  When you find a word, design or print that you like, place the bead on top of it and see if it will fit.

(Note that your beads will not all be shaped exactly the same. If one bead does not fit, try another!)

When you find a bead that fits, take your pen and trace the outline of the bead.

Cut the design out.
Place a drop of glue in the center of the cut out.

Place your bead flat side down on your design and lightly press from the center.

This will help the glue to spread evenly to the outer edge of the bead. Make sure the design is in the center of the bead and smooth the edge with your finger to make sure that the glue is smooth.

Place the bead flat side up to dry. This takes a few hours to dry!

When the glue is completely dry, add another drop of glue to the center of the flat side and place a magnet in the center of it.

Press lightly so the glue spreads evenly. I like to make sure the glue is thick around the edge of the magnet.

This ensures a strong hold!

Let the glue dry completely.

And you are done!

See I told you it was easy!  I like to cut out all of my shapes, designs and words and then glue all of them at one time. That way all the magnets are finished at the same time.

I have given these little gifts to children, a Bride to Be, my Husband and as  house-warming gifts. . . the list goes on.  I am just happy to share it with you.

Let me know how you plan to gift this fun craft!

Until Then,











St. Patrick’s Day Greetings from “The Office” Bar in

Ocean Springs, Mississippi!

Great place to enjoy a Pint!

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